A Litter Box For Bunnies Is Cleverly Disguised As Stylish Furniture

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When designer Jeni Nguyen adopted two rabbits named Betty and Elvis, she realized that cages and open litter boxes are messy and inelegant. Her solution? Disguise their enclosure as high-end furniture.

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Nguyen’s company, called Bink, makes litter box covers that double as side tables and console tables. Their two designs — called The Bench and The Credenza — feature a hidden litter box compartment, a built-in hay feeder, and a storage cubby for storing treats, grooming supplies, and Bink’s mini dustpan and brush set.

Both models also come with mindful design elements, such as a waterproof interior, anti-slip floors, and rabbit-safe materials like Baltic birch ply and soy-based adhesives. The table’s legs are removable, allowing it to be closer to the floor, and thus, be more accessible for bunnies with mobility issues.

In addition, the sliding doors serve two purposes. They can conceal the sleeping areas, so the rabbits can have privacy. In addition, the doors can be detached, so it will be easier for the owner to clean the enclosure.

The litter box covers save time in cleaning hay, hide visual clutter like feeding bowls and toys, and don’t ruin the aesthetic of one’s contemporary home. While a traditional pen looks dingy, Bink’s products would not look out of place in a stylish apartment.

“Our furniture is a unique investment that finally allows you to live in harmony with your bunny, saves you time, and will last for many years with your rabbits (and beyond with proper care),” the company said. “Made with safety, integrity, and quality in mind — Bink’s furniture is built to last forever.”

But according to Nguyen, the most important thing about her furniture collection is that it raises awareness about the plight of pet bunnies, and it shows that there are better ways of raising them.

“Even though rabbits are the third most popular pet, they are also one of the most abandoned pets simply because folks don’t know what they’re getting themselves into,” she said. “Let’s help clear up those misconceptions!”

Bink is currently fundraising on Kickstarter and has raised $24,144. To purchase one of the handcrafted benches that start at $3,395, visit their Kickstarter to learn more their mission and support their fundraising goal.