June 26, 2022


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Remodelling Your Bathroom – How Helpful is it?

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When you are considering home improvement projects, one of the first rooms considered by most people would be the bathroom. However, if you upgrade your bathroom, you could enjoy various benefits whether you stay in the house for a long time or are planning to sell it soon. You could give your bathroom its makeovers by adding more storage, efficiency and making it look appealing so that the value of your house improves. However, if you are in Melbourne bathroom renovations, you could easily find a lot of professionals who could do it for you at a reasonable price. Bathroom remodels should match with the rest of the rooms in the house. An out-of-place bathroom might instead decrease the value of the house rather than increasing it. Hence, it is essential to plan and execute the bathroom renovation carefully.

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 Most people are confused when it comes to the increase in home value following the bathroom remodelling project. Bathrooms and kitchens are the first to be renovated and observed by home buyers. Hence, most people would feel impressed by kitchen and bathroom renovations. However, that is not all and updating them does not always increase the value of the house. No matter the project you handle, make sure that you aim to maximise the ROI (Return on Investment). Most of the bathroom remodels that are done recently increase the value from around 65 per cent. Only very few remodels would be able to provide a hundred percent return on investment. Some industry professionals, however, paint a different picture. Most of the realtors suggest home sellers renovate their bathrooms and kitchens as they could offer higher returns.

One of the major benefits of updating the bathroom is increased storage. As the bathrooms increase in size, homeowners prefer to add more cabinets and storage spaces to reduce the clutter in the house. Some people even place their washers and dryers in the bathroom for convenience and decluttering purposes. The extra storage space you might have in the bathroom would allow you to store extra bath supplies and other toiletries that would be usually kept on a countertop for everyone to see.

However, if you also find extra closets, storage or cabinets in the house, you could use it as a storage area to store the materials you do not use regularly. An average person spends a decent amount of time in the bathroom. If your space remains clutter-free, there would be enough space to move around freely and remain comfortable.

If a bathroom makeovers is on your list, various areas need to be focused on. However, a remodelled bathroom would offer much-needed benefits and convenience to the family members. There might be DIY homeowners who would prefer to remodel the house by themselves. However, the remodelling process should be done very carefully. It is always best to reach out to professionals who know how to handle the task in the given budget rather than implementing a DIY method and going out of budget to complete the renovation successfully or otherwise. Hiring professionals would be of advantage as they would finish the task on time and would know how to manage and handle barriers efficiently.

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