Eventide apartment complex adapts to latest coronavirus outbreak – InForum

MOORHEAD — Eventide’s The Linden Flats, around the campus of Concordia College or university, is in a fight with a late April coronavirus outbreak.

Eventide’s vice president of communications, Carrie Carney, states 25 citizens have analyzed good, and have only skilled chilly-like signs.

While quite a few may possibly hear of COVID at a retirement local community and get lousy reminiscences, it is really a entirely various animal now than before in the pandemic.

“Of course, we have limits in spot the place website visitors need to dress in masks, and they go through a screening procedure, but they’re however permitted to visit,” Carney explained. “Our people are nevertheless authorized to go out into the local community and go to their appointments and have lunch with their mates.”

She stated, it truly is a finish 180 from exactly where they stood at the commencing of the pandemic. Current assistance, and the truth all the people are vaccinated, is a large component of it.

“We are lucky to have the vaccine so that our inhabitants are not finding extremely unwell, and we usually are not acquiring to make our inhabitants quarantine when we have a handful of that take a look at beneficial,” Carney mentioned. “We’ve come a extended strategies and we are grateful to be where by we are at now.”

Carney says they have taken some added safety measures to curb the outbreak. They are at present not keeping actions or communal eating.