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Garage Door Installation From a Professional Garage Door Service in Lansing

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Garage Door Installation From a Professional Garage Door Service in Lansing

There are a variety of garage door types and styles available in the market.  But they have one purpose: to provide enclosure and security of the car parked in your garage. Some of the most common materials used today by professional garage door service companies include steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood.

There are two reasons for getting a garage door installed on a property.  First is wanting an upgrade for your garage door.  The second is wanting a new addition to your property.

Whichever the reason, knowing the proper way a garage door is installed by a garage door service in Lansing will let you determine if it is done right.

Residential Garage Door Installation

If you are considering a garage door installation project, here are the general principles being done to install a garage door quickly, easily, and safely:

  • Set the panel in the doorway

After attaching weatherstripping to the bottom edge of the first garage door, make sure that the panel in the doorway is fixed in place. Attach the hinges to the top edge of the door if they are not yet attached.

  • Assemble the tracks

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in assembling the various pieces for the vertical, curved, and horizontal tracks.

  • Install the rollers and brackets

Slip the vertical track onto the rollers of the first door section and repeat at the other side.  If there are brackets, install them on the garage door section as directed by the manufacturer.

  • Install rollers into the second section

It will be nice to have someone help you to lift the other section so you can install the rollers in place.  Slip the rollers into the vertical tracks at both sides of the doorway.

  • Fasten the hinges

You can use a power drill with a screwdriver tip or nut driver to fasten the hinges of the first section to the second one.  The power drill will help make the job get done faster and easier.

  • Install the thirds section

Follow the same procedures used in installing the first and second sections to install the third section.  Fasten the top plates of both vertical tracks to the wall after you have checked the door for level.  Secure the framing members with lag screws.

  • Attach jamb brackets to the tracks

Connect the jamb brackets and fasten them to the framing members.  Do not tighten the lag screws just yet so you can adjust the tracks easily if needed.

  • Install the curved and horizontal tracks

Position the curved tracks properly and bolt them together with the horizontal tracks.  You can rest the horizontal track on top of a ladder while you bolt it together with the curved track unless someone else can hold it up for you.

  • Level the horizontal track

Check the level of the horizontal track.  Cut the necessary length of the rear track hanger to support the track.  Screw the track hanger to solid framing and loosely mount the track to the hanger.  Do the same with the other horizontal track.  Remove any temporary nails.

  • Install the torque tube

If your garage door provides a torque tube that is lift assistance, you can install it according to the manufacturer’s directions.  Roll up the door about four feet for the alignment of the tracks, and adjust if needed.  Lastly, tighten all fasteners.

Garage Door Installation Cost

The average cost of a garage door installation is $1,118 with a typical range between $758 and $1,543.  Several factors that would determine the cost include labor, material, tracks, and additional hardware.

Design and material tend to increase the overall cost but it won’t affect how long the project will be completed.  If you are considering a garage door replacement, they will cost as much as the average new installation.

Here are the average total installation cost according to the type of material used for the garage door:

  • Steel:  $600 – $2,000
  • Wood:  $700 – $1,800
  • Wood Composite: $950 – $3,700
  • Faux wood:  $950 – $4,100
  • Aluminum:  $700 – $2,000
  • Fiberglass:  $1,000 – $2,100
  • Vinyl:  $1,000 – $2,600
  • High-end wood and composite units:  can reach up to $10,000

Hiring a Professional For Your Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation requires skill and proper tools.  It is better to hire a professional garage door service in Lansing if you are unsure of doing it yourself.  Garage doors are heavy and dangerous when installed incorrectly.  You will need to know how to keep the tracks parallel and winding the springs correctly.  Get help from a professional garage door installer in Lansing if you live in this area to save you from the risk of injury or damage.

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