Get Quality Spray Foam Insulation Services

Cellulose insulation is a special form of insulation made from cellulose fibers extracted from wood. It is a unique type of material that has many benefits for various applications. However, one major drawback of cellulose is that it is not flexible like fiberglass or rigid insulation and therefore it cannot be cut to the shape of the building it is intended for. In such cases, it is often required that the cellulose is drilled into place before it can be installed.

Cellulose Insulation Process

This process can take several days, as the technician needs to drill multiple holes and then add caulking to seal the resulting joint. In other cases, when cellulose insulation services in New Orleans are required, the process can be faster as the technicians are well versed in their work. They also have several devices that allow them to drill the required holes quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for cellulose insulation services in New Orleans, Louisiana, choose Star Spray Foam Insulation.

Another benefit that comes with cellulose insulation services in New Orleans is that they are considered to be fireproof. This means that they are 100% fireproof, which means that in an active fire they will still stand. Many buildings and homes in New Orleans suffer from electrical fires, and the insulation used must be fireproof. Even if the fire is put out, the damage can still be extensive, you should install good quality R-values.

Wet And Dry Spraying Systems

There are several cellulose insulation services in New Orleans that provide both wet and dry spraying systems. Wet spraying is the normal procedure whereby the cellulose insulation is poured into wall cavities before they have time to harden. This is usually done before painting or flaking has taken place. The wet r-value of the insulation is increased by the water sprayed on the wall cavities. Dry spraying, however, uses a mechanical action whereby the cellulose insulation is pushed down into the wall cavity and therefore does not increase the r-value.

For homes or other buildings that do not need to be protected from the water, there are several cellulose spray insulation providers in New Orleans. For these purposes, there are two types of cellulose insulation. The first type uses pressurized air, gas, or even nitrogen. The air sealing system uses several small holes that blow air into the cavities creating a protective seal. The second type is the non-pressurized spray system that uses an electric pump to shoot air into walls cavities.

The type of cellulose that they use

When choosing between cellulose spray insulation contractors in New Orleans, you should take into account the type of cellulose that they use. All insulation contractors will use fiberglass or cellulose, but different contractors use different densities. Some contractors will use fiberglass that is similar to naturally occurring fiberglass while others will use a completely different material. You must know the difference between the two densities because you need to be certain that it will perform as desired and provide the protection that you need. The higher the R-value (thermal resistance) of the product the more effective it will be at slowing down the rate at which heat enters a building.

The differences in the types of materials

In addition to the differences in the types of materials that different contractors use for their insulation, you should also take a look at the costs that are associated with the service. The prices that are charged for spray foam are expensive compared to cellulose. If the service is required for your home, you need to understand whether it is worth the expense. The spray foam costs more to produce and install than cellulose. You also need to ensure the contractor you choose complies with the necessary code requirements.