Science says right lighting can elevate your happy hormones!

Happy Hormones: Your Guide To Serotonin and Other Happy Chemicals

There is a reason that we feel dull and depressed in the winters. Because the sun remains on a constant hideout, we fail to get enough light in the winters, which causes depression. Science calls this depression as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is the reason that the top interior designing companies in India pay dire attention to lighting. Lighting holds the ability to elate us to heaven or throw us to hell. Ignore the gym if you can, but never ignore the lighting. Look for a quality interior designer if there is need – .

So, how does lighting impact our mood? And what changes can we make in our home to create the right lighting conditions for our health?

The relation of light and the happy hormones!

There are songs written about the soothing summers and love around. There are paintings made by the greatest artists that show the blissfulness of light. Heavenly gods descend with a bright light before eyes. Look all through history and you’ll find that light has been related to a state of elation, a bliss of its own sort. Goodness is when light is around. It directly impacts our mood and brightens our life. And this is being proved by the latest studies in science.

There have been an increasing number of cases of depression in the world. The reason being the lack of light. Because people are now spending most of their time on screens, it is leading to poor exposure to light.

Bright light triggers our mind to release Serotonin, the so-called happy hormones. These hormones are the reason that we feel good on a beautiful summer day. But because natural light elates our mood, people believe that more of it could be better. No! Harsh light can lead to eye strain and migraine. One must avoid it at all costs. It is a work of art to choose the right lighting for the right condition. Top Interior Designing Companies in India always work hard around creating the right light environment that feels good to the mind.

We, humans, have evolved for millions of years around light. There is a deep relation between the light around us and our mood. For example, as the sun starts setting down, the brain takes it as a signal of arriving night. Consequently, it starts releasing Melatonin in the body. This hormone guides our sleep cycle. The more the melatonin, the more we rub our eyes and yawn and crave sleeping on that cozy bed. Bliss!

But, we do not always look for the top interior designing companies. Sometimes the needs are small and we try to work around by ourselves. So, what are the things that you should take care of when choosing lighting for yourself?

Tips from top interior designing companies on how to choose home lighting!

Bright light elates the energy level in our bodies. But this does not mean that the more you do it the higher state of bliss will you reach. Many companies use bright fluorescent bulbs in their offices. This leads to a toxic work environment and causes strain on the eyes of their employees. People also complain about migraine issues. So, harsh light is bad for the mind.

When we talk of lighting in the sense of home, we talk of three different types of lighting.

Three types of lighting in home decor!

  • Task Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Task lighting is used for a particular task. For example, you might need a specific lighting condition for reading a book.

Ambient lighting has the work of providing ambience. There is a reason that bars use special lights to create a specific type of mood. You will need a different type of ambient lighting for different rooms. For example, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. see different types of lighting.

Accent Lighting is the light that you use for home decor purposes. Examples of accent lighting include chandeliers, wall sconces, ushers, lamps, etc.

Things to take care of while choosing lighting!

Now, it comes down to the things that you must think about while choosing the lighting. For example, how much bright should the light be? What colour to use in what area? What are the different types of lights available to choose from? Top Interior designing companies in India usually know the bits and peaks of these technicalities. Here is a brief about how to choose the right lighting for your home.


keep this mantra in mind – “not too bright, not too low, helps the mind to live and flow”. While there are areas where you need to create an ambience for a certain type of mood, you would not want to choose the wrong lighting level for the area where you spend your time the most.

Choose bright natural daylight for the living area and your kids’ room. Your kids need a good amount of light to stay energized. Furthermore, make sure there is a night light in their bedroom to assist them in their sleep.

Use a chandelier or pendant lights in your dining room. Make sure that lights are placed in such a way that your shadow is not falling over the dishes or the table.


There is a thing called colour temperature that defines how it impacts our moods. Colour temperature gets measured in kelvins or K. Typical warm bulb comes in around 2700 K and a cool daylight bulb comes in around 4000-5000 kelvin. The general advice is to choose the colour of the walls after choosing the lighting. Why? Because colour is nothing but what the surfaces reflect to our eyes. A wall looks different under different light temperatures. The top interior designing companies in India usually choose wall colours after going with the lighting. What you’ll see in the colour showroom will seem different inside your home.

But because the technology is reaching higher levels, now we have led bulbs that are able to change their very colour. You may look for smart led bulbs for your home. However, luxurious homes work other ways around and use light and colour to harmonize with each other. It feels more natural.

Choose cool daylight for the living area. It helps in elevating the mood.

These are a few things that you must take care of while choosing the lighting for your home. Although there is no one-key that fits all, there are fundamentals that help.

Should you hire interior designing companies for home lighting?

If you are planning to work on your home from the very scratch, and the space is large, we will always suggest you look for the top interior designing companies in India. When we talk of top interior designing companies, Radvi surpasses all – . It has decades of experience and provides all the services related to home under one roof. Check them out and contact them for further help.

However, if the area is small, we would not recommend you to spend money on designers, unless you have the budget and a luxury villa at hand. A luxury villa always requires expertise and you must not spoil it all with your amateur skills.