This TikTok Trick Can Transform Your Porch Into an Autumn Wonderland

Although the first day of fall isn’t here yet, it’s never too early to welcome the season —especially if the accompanying decor makes your home look this cozy.

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TikTok user and DIY expert Macy Blackwell posted a step-by-step guide on how to create a leaf arch to transform your porch into an autumn wonderland. Often, it’s easy to focus on seasonal decorations inside of the home, but this DIY is evidence that your outdoor space needs some love, too.

In the video, Blackwell and her husband start their project by attaching chicken wire to a PVC pipe base to form the frame of the arch. While using zip ties, they secured the garlands, adding more until the entire piece looked full enough. The project took the duo a couple of hours to complete, but the result is absolutely worth it. This decorative entryway almost appears as if it will transport you to a fantasy world.

According to Blackwell, they used about 20 pieces of garland from Hobby Lobby and Amazon. Her followers weren’t too excited about that though, since Hobby Lobby’s garlands cost anywhere between $6.99 and $34.99 — which is a bit expensive if you’re interested in duplicating their project.

“20 garlands from Hobby Lobby?! We are in a different tax bracket,” read one comment.

If you’re on a tight budget, a good alternative would be Walmart, where garlands are just $3.14. Her comment section also suggested that Dollar Tree would be a cost-effective alternative for the DIY.

After showing off her stunning porch, Blackwell also posted a video about upgrading a regular pumpkin into a seemingly concrete one. Using a plastic pumpkin, she coated it with primer and a layer of Krylon’s stone-course spray paint. For the finishing touch, she placed an LED light inside to make it glow at night. When placed alongside the orange pumpkins, the concrete gourd is a stand-out.

Blackwell’s TikTok is thriving with DIY projects, specifically seasonal recipes and decoration ideas to get ahead of the fall season. Get those garlands before they’re sold out!