Top Services Offered by Realtor

Top Services Offered By Real Estate Agents ⋆ PS Homes Network

The main service offered by the real estate agent is to help home seekers with the complex process of selling, buying, and renting homes. A Realtor will act as a bridge between the seller and the buyer, but a licensed realtor offers more services. 

Moreover, the realtor will determine the client’s financial abilities, give them suitable solutions, and do a comparative market analysis for property valuation. Here are some services that a realtor offers

 Real Estate Agents’ Top Services

Property Staging

You need to stage your property when you want to sell it at a higher price. Hiring a North Carolina realtor to stage your house can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. The buyers will imagine living in the house and living their dreams which might make them buy the house quickly. Some realtors will do free staging, while others may charge for the service. The real estate may hire a staging company or do it themselves.

Buying the Property

Most people think realtors are best when selling a property, but they are professional in helping their clients buy a property. Purchasing a property is a complicated process, especially if it is your first time. But a realtor will make the process smooth, and it will be easy to get a home in the neighborhood you want. They will help you to negotiate the price, and you will buy the property you want at a lower cost.

Selling Property

A real estate agent will be the right person to choose when you decide to sell your property. When selling the property for the first time, hire a realtor, and you may sell your property faster and at the market price. Most agents hold open houses, attracting more prospective buyers to check the property, meaning you may sell it fast. After conducting an open house, the realtors may get feedback where you can know the issues with your property or prices, which will help you fix or adjust the prices.

Spot Problems in Property

When selling a house, you have to ensure the home is in the best condition to attract buyers who will buy your home at a higher price. Buyers also look for properties that won’t spend more on repairs immediately after purchasing. Your realtor will spot the problem that might be hiding and hazardous in the property.

A Realtor will Provide Price Guidance

Sometimes knowing how much a house costs in the market might be tricky. Due to emotions, you might overestimate your home value or undervalue your home. Your real estate agent is the best person to approach about your home pricing. The realtor will give you the proper price range that your home may cost.

The realtor is good at setting the price range when they walk into the property. You don’t have to spend hours online compiling information and comparing homes; the agent is highly skilled and can tell if a home is overpriced or underpriced. They can do a comparative market analysis evaluating data that affect home value in an estate, helping sellers to come up with a reasonable listing price.

Rental Properties

Top realtors have invested in rental properties, so if you want to invest in them, they might advise how and where to invest. After investing in rental property, your realtor may recommend an excellent property management company to help you with management.

New Construction

Most real estate investors use realtors when building properties because they know the agent will help them sell the property. Agents are a good source of information if a client wants to tear down a building. They are realistic, and they will give you realistic time frames that the building project may take.

It’s evident that most realtors do a great job, but you still find some people doing without their services claiming they are expensive. Here is how much a realtor should get paid.

Factors that will Affect Agent Fees in Real Estate Market

Although there is an average realtor fee in every estate, the cost might be affected due to conditions in the housing market; the factors include

Home Price Trends

The local housing market affects the realtor fee; for example, if your property is in a neighborhood with higher homes, you might be lucky to pay a lower commission percentage. The cheaper homes, the seller will pay a higher commission rate. The agent charges higher on cheaper houses because they will still make more when they charge lower rates on the high-value property.

The Number of Homes for Sale

 The number of active listings will be another factor that will affect the commission rate. Since the realtors are competing, you may pay a lower rate when you have few homes on the listing. The agents tend to lower their rates when there are many homes on the listing. More listings mean the housing sale is moving slowly since getting a listing is not an assurance of a successful sale.

How Fast are Properties Selling?

How long the house stays on the market will affect the agent commission rates. When houses sell fast, the agent doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into selling a home, and in such a situation, the realtor may lower the commission rate below the average. The average time to sell a home is about 40 days, but it may take less or more days, according to the market.

The market conditions won’t entirely dictate your property, exceptionally how long your property will be on the market. For example, even if it’s a slow market, your home might sell fast if it has what clients are looking for. Talk to your realtor about the local housing conditions and how fast you’re likely to sell your property.


The housing market wouldn’t be efficient as it is without the presence of realtors. The agents guide home sellers and buyers during the purchasing of the properties. Their efforts cannot be assumed since they will help you get the property at the best price and give you a hand in strenuous paperwork. Your agent will also help you sell your home fast through staging and their wide network.